Pannolini Online has two models, both the Misskappa and Misskapa e-Basic.

February 13, 2020 0 By admin

An individual can use Misskappa”the diaper which breathes” which thanks to its authentic STUF solution guarantees air circulation and so physiological humidity and temperature during the cycle of use of this diaper. STUF is a distinct absorbent pad (fluff) that will be an essential portion of the diaper, made from cotton and colloidal cellulose, suitably made and blended to produce the diaper consistently hyper-breathable and extremely absorbent in any situation, even on very long periods of use.

Misskappa diaper on the internet is just a 100% Italian product that comes to life after innumerable studies in hunt of the perfect diaper. The diapers have been made using raw materials capable of providing top absorbency and no irritation. The FIFO (first in-first outside ) method guarantees a commodity of fantastic absorbency, practicality and security.

Individuals who use Pannolini Naturali Online thanks to this STUF solution may make sure of a physiological humidity and temperature of a non-contact with inks, lotions or alternative chemicals applied to the diaper or found in the manufacture procedures and will make the most of an unusual absorbency. At length, Misskappa guarantees the right absorbency speed and so a physiological spannolination and thus a not negligible economic saving (as much as 6 weeks less usage of diapers).To find extra information on Pannolini Online please go to

The entire package is totally free, only pay for shipping, of course if they don’t really feel confident with the Misskappa diaper online for almost just about any reason that they can send back the bundle even totally empty, and they’ll also refund the delivery expenses. The trial available are only 59/day and snapped upward. An individual can pick the size and all.